Friday July 21, 2017

GBAC "Art in the Schools Program" News

For fifteen years our 17 masterpieces have been rotating annually through the Grand Blanc schools. When sponsors from the community “adopted” the framed prints for $300 they were promised by the GBAC that the pictures would be maintained and kept in mint condition as the “Art in the Schools” program continued into the future.

Through the years frames would get nicked and have to be touched up and one frame had to be repaired at the corner joints. However, the Renoir print of “Two Girls at the Piano” sponsored by Shirley Eason had faded to blue and pink and needed to be replaced.

The Grand Blanc Arts Council purchased a new print but would like to thank the James Conner Gallery for re-framing the piece at no charge. This act of generosity is in keeping
with what had been Jim’s policy of framing the originals at as close to cost as possible.

Effective January, 2016 Jane Murphy has graciously stepped forward to take over
for Kathy Weiner as chair of “Art in the Schools” program.

Last Updated: Monday, 25 January 2016 15:08