Friday July 21, 2017

Roy Brown Exhibit

The Grand Blanc Arts Council is featuring the watercolors of Roy Brown (1913- 1982) at Genesys Health Park through October, 2015. The memorial exhibit, curated by daughter Robin St. Onge, can be viewed on the second floor between the elevators.

To purchase a piece of artwork from the exhibit, call the Hospice Division of Reverence at 810-695-9878 where 25% of proceeds will be donated.


Artist: Roy Brown

12/25/1913 to 10/31/82

Born in Flint during the depression years, Roy attended art school in Detroit on scholarship, won another scholarship to Cranbrook Academy of Art, then attended Wayne State University. He served in the Army (1940-1945) and was commissioned to paint two murals in the Asiatic Pacific War.

In peace time he went into business for himself in display advertising. After retiring in 1979 he enjoyed a long-awaited career in Watercolor.

With this exhibit at Genesys curated by his daughter Robin St. Onge, Roy finally has a solo show!

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