Friday July 21, 2017

The Gallery House




Building on a dream for a family artists studio, the Fulmers have recently completed the renovation of the studio and gallery space. It is one of four main structures on the site located at 8464-8470 Perry Road in Atlas, Michigan.


In 2011, the Fulmer family came upon what seemed like the perfect place, one filled with the history of creative uses, a beautiful location, and lots of inspiration. It was meant to become a family artist’s studio, Sarah’s photography studio, and a gallery and showcase.



Most prominently, it was originally planned to be the future woodworking shop for Keith E. Fulmer Woodworking. Alas, Keith passed away September 1,2012 from a brief battle with cancer. Yet he strongly urged the family to continue to move forward with this major endeavor. Many of Keith’s pieces were on display in The Gallery House for the opening of the S.E. Fulmer Photography Studio.



The renovations planned include renovating the old woodworking shop as an artist’s studio where workshops can be offered, or the studio used for short term projects. The vision is to create a space where invited artists can experiment and share their results with others.


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 Now scheduling Artists exhibitions and artisan crafts for 2014-2015

Are you an emerging or experienced professional artist?


Are you seeking a space for either a solo or group exhibition?


Do you have fine artisan crafts or personally authored works you've created that you would like to sell?


Do you need a temporary space to share your work with an especially invited audience?


The Gallery House provides artists with an opportunity to showcase your talents with your audience, with the professional support and beautiful easy-access location to suit your needs.



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You may contact Mara Jevera Fulmer for more information on the Gallery House and studio workshops by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New information and progress updates will be posted on their Facebook page!


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