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Robert Van Duyne Exhibit

In partnership with Genesys Hospice, the Grand Blanc Arts Council is featuring an exhibit of paintings by Robert Van Duyne at Genesys Health Park. His numerous oil paintings will be displayed on the second floor, between the elevators, from May 27th through mid-July.


Gullah BAsket Weaver | Robert Van Duyne

Van Duyne paints landscapes, portraits and scenes of people doing everyday things, many inspired by his travel to other countries. The artist describes his style as realistic, but softened by a touch of impressionism.


Gardening | Robert Van Duyne

His work has been exhibited locally at Fandangles, Left Bank Gallery, Flint Public Library and GFAC as well as in Clio and Midland.  In 1993-4 Van Duyne was part of the Oil Painters of America show and in 2009 won an award in the Shiawassee All-Media Competition.


Road through the Birches | Robert Van Duyna

To purchase a piece of artwork from the exhibit, contact Hospice at 810-636-5000, ext . 5003.  25% of proceeds from art sales are donated to Genesys Hospice.


1 - THREE SWANS Oil 20x24   $250
2 - LAKESIDE VINEYARD   Oil 18x30   $340
3 - PINE TREE AT DUSK   Oil 20x24     $250
4 - LE COTE d’AZUR   Oil 22x26 $330
5 - RAVEN ON A FENCE   Oil 20x24    $250
6 - THE CALMING SURF   Oil 20x24    $250
7 - NEAR GLEN HAVEN   Oil 18x30     $250
8 - OX TEAM   Oil 22x26     $330
9 - ESCAPING GARDEN   Oil 18x30     $275
10 - THE KISSING BRIDGE   Oil 18x30  $260
11 - ROAD THROUGH THE BIRCHES   Oil 20x24 $250
12 - GARDENING   Oil 20x24 $250
13 - LILY PADS   Oil 20x24 $250   
14 - BOXING CHERRIES   Oil 22x26    $330
15 - THE ICE CREAM SHOP  Oil 22x26 $330
16 - RUG WEAVER   Oil 22x26    $390
17 - COUNTRY FIDDLER   Oil 22x26   $330
18 - JADE CARVER   Oil 22x26     $330
19 - ERHU PLAYER Oil 22x26 $390
20 - GO, BALL ! Oil 20x24   $250
21 - PAINTED FACE Oil 20x24  $260
22 - COFFEE BREAK Oil 22x26    $330
23 - GULLAH BASKET WEAVER Oil 22x26   $330
24 - GREEK DANCER Oil 24x30   $380


Le Cote d'Azur | Robert Van Duyne

Robert Van Duyne – Artist Statement
I live in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  I have had a life-long interest in art, and began oil painting about 35 years ago as a hobby.  I have been painting regularly with a group of fellow artists since then, and have studied with Grand Blanc artist Beverly Danks.  My formal training is in Chemical Engineering, and I was an engineering manager for 37 years at GM before retiring in 1997.   

I was an exhibiting member and treasurer of the former Left Bank Gallery in Flint, and am currently a member of the Greater Flint Arts Council, the Grand Blanc Arts Council and the Shiawassee Arts Council.  I am currently on the Board of the Founders Society of the Flint Institute of Arts, and am a past Trustee of the Greater Flint Arts Council.  I am a member of Oil Painters of America.

I was a frequent exhibitor at the Left Bank Gallery, and have had solo and two-person exhibits at Fandangles’ Restaurant, Flushing, MI, in 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
I have exhibited in the following juried shows:

• Shiawassee Arts Center All-Media Competition, July 2009 (4th-place award)
• Left Bank Gallery 2004 All-Media Competition,  April 2004
• Clio Area Art Society, 1997 Open Show, Clio, MI,  July 1997
• Great Lakes Regional Art Exhibition, Midland, MI,  May 1997
• Greater Flint Arts Council Juried Exhibition, Flint, MI,  Jan. 1997
• Oil Painters of America, 1994 Midwest Exhibition, Chicago, IL,  Nov. 1994
• Clio Area Art Society, 1994 Open Show, Clio, MI,  July 1994
• Left Bank Gallery, 1994 All-Media Competition,  April 1994
• Oil Painters of America, 1994 Michigan Exhibition, Traverse City, MI,  June 1993

I have also exhibited occasional paintings at such local venues as the Greater Flint Arts Council, the Flint Public Library, the Fenton Public Library, Republic Bank, Genesys Health Center, and Goodrich Hospice.

About my Art
As an engineer and a manager, I tend to view the world rather realistically and analytically.  Consequently, my paintings are wholly representational.  They are divided roughly equally between landscapes, portraits and scenes involving people, and I think they reveal the kinds of things I find esthetically pleasing.  I especially enjoy capturing the graceful “choreography” of people doing the everyday things that people do. My style has been described as basically realistic, but softened by a slight touch of painterliness and impressionism.




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